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  1. i love that ad! does anyone know the guy in there with filippa?
  2. does anyone know where u can watch the past performances?
  3. That fashion show was Yellow fever this past september. My friend took some pics with his camera, but i have none. The ending of that show was crazy!
  4. She looks so hot on this show. She is a beg. surfer, and she did not do all that bad. If she can get better, maybe they will start showing more of her instead of simpson and osbourne.
  5. Thanks, I've seen him plenty of times in backstage pics before. I also remember seeing him on some tv show around the same time Petra was involved in the tsunami. Maybe they were dating then.
  6. I like Briahna too. Her and Brit have exotic but sexy looks. The other girls are pretty though. Guy wise, I think Adrian and Teddy will make it big.
  7. What does her boyfriend look like?
  8. I like this show too. AnaBBarrosFan, does all of Miami look like that area this is filmed in? I've always heard Miami is nothing like they are depicting it on this show.
  9. Thats a good show, I think Britt is the prettiest of all the girls.
  10. She reminds me a lot of Jackie from "That 70's Show".
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