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  1. Hey Carmelita! How are you keeping?

    Remember me? :ninja: :P

  2. Hey dude! Just fired up BZ for the first time in ages, saw your birthday msg back in January, it made me laugh.

    How are things?

  3. cheers matt!

    happy birthday to you too today ;-)

    one after the other eh? =D ah only one year older than yourself tho...haha

    have a good one buddy ;-)

  4. Ahhh I thought it was something like that - it was unlike you to be away without notice =P

    Yeah I'm okay thanks, enjoying the Christmas break from school etc, and how are you keeping? Any plans for New Years? x

  5. feryyy! how are you my darling, haven't spoken to you in ages?

    hope everything is ok =]


  6. mir geht's gut danke, und dir? ja, alles klar!

    haha commenting is fun =D thanks for your one

    BZ is alive tonight! x

  7. yay! i'm first to comment you =]

    you're clearly a super girl and its fun talking to you, frau! =P

    keep in touch x

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