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  1. what's up with selita's outfit ?! It's absolutely terrible don't like at all i keep gettin more excited every day, thursday !
  2. yay i'm happy Izabel And Caroline trentini will be there !
  3. i like Alicia and kylie the most ! only two weeks left ! though i'm not so excited as i am other years, something about the show has changed these last couple of years
  4. Thank you Sweet-lady we're in urgent need of new pix !
  5. Loor


    i actually read the book after seeing the movie and i must say i loved the book so much more ! i love these two hahaha
  6. Why isn't Disaster movie in this list ? That was literally a disaster movie !
  7. Into the wild .. loved it !
  8. the more i look at it the more i dislike it i don't like the shape of it and they really should put some more colours into it i liked the `05 Fb too ! it's one of my favs
  9. Loor


    Adriana as an actress .. i can only dream about it i hope once her modeling days are over(not that i don't want them to be over) she starts acting, i once heard an interview where she said she'd like to act later , let's hope she pursuits it
  10. i'v missed so many races this season, i had to work each sunday I agree with you Taz devil, Vettel is an amazing driver, he has shown his qualities, i think he can bring it far with the right team and i can't wait for the new season too, i heard alonso signed up with ferrari ? And what will happen to Heidfeld since bwm is quitting?
  11. Jenson button is the new worldchampion replacing Lewis Hamilton! Just one race and the season's over
  12. aww she looks cute with that black dress, love her thx for te pics
  13. her national costume is a belgian lace dress, especially bruges is famous for it's lace and it's what i sell for living
  14. Loor


    aww twins would be so cute ! but i'm not gonna set my hopes on it it will be one good looking baby
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