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  1. plant

    VS Model's ID

    Thanks a lot, PinkCouture
  2. plant

    VS Model's ID

    Its a Toni Garn? anybody knows?
  3. Hi! please tell me if you know who it is Best regards/
  4. Good day! Who knows this photographer? maybe is the work of Horst P. Horst? Please tell me if you know. Best regards
  5. good day, Lisa. I'm sorry to answer so late. I just havent seen your message

  6. good day, Lisa -1. I'm sorry to answer so late. I just havent seen your message.

  7. from HB UK nov 2009 photo Michelangelo di Battista I like it))) source http:\\theplace.ru
  8. Thanks a lot, OrengeO) From whence is the caps? I dont know this movie(
  9. Some from Vogue US, april 1990. Sorry if repost
  10. Its realy great piks, thank you,OWS) Photographer- Richard Avedon?
  11. Unbeliveble!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Thanks a lot, dear 630redhead bubbles, its a great, thank so mutch
  12. O My God!!!!! Thank so much, bubbles8910
  13. Tanks a lot, dear michelabella Im really interesting to know can anybody see the Christiys photo works in 1985-86 period? She is, as I know, have work in France at that time, I worked with ELLE France magazine archive but have no found any photos there...
  14. Tanks a lot , bubbles8910 ! Anybody knows more oldest Christy's photos (1985-1986)?
  15. WOOOOW! Its realy great!!!!! Thanks a lot , 630readhead
  16. Thanks a lot, penny-dreaddfull Its great works. I like you taste:)
  17. Thank you very much, penny-dreaddfull. Tell me, please, who the author of these pics. Have they ever been published?
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