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  1. she looks kinda scary..i don't really like it
  2. well, most of all she looks 'shopped but still beautiful
  3. is it just me or does the second one look kind of awkward? the posing..it's like she's sucking in her stomach like hell..
  4. it's not real. face is from here.
  5. repost but thanks anyway
  6. {name}


    from her facebook page
  7. yes. and there acutally are a couple of pictures of her, the baby and / or her husband or pregnant. ;-)
  8. from her facebook page
  9. {name}


    from russel james' facebook page
  10. that actually is an old picture, but thanks no , they are new ! those pics with the blue lingerie are new but she meant that the picture where adri's wearing yellow sleepwear is old, right?
  11. no, that's an old picture actually
  12. {name}


    thanks so much for posting! now if only she wouldn't always make those faces..from time to time it's cute but not all the time..
  13. it's from her maybelline calendar shoot..more pictures can be found here http://adrianaflima.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=981
  14. a couple of pictures from her come back shoot
  15. i don't know if that'll help but i have these?
  16. {name}


    she was born in new york city on november 15, 2009
  17. {name}


    from her official website
  18. some pictures you guys might haven't seen..at least i didn't
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