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    Movies, music, books and RPGing.<br /><br />Oh and Jensen Ackles...of course. :drool:
  1. -is a Linkin Park fan, huge fan- -lol- SO....I am hoping for both....them at the end of the movie and that they are still going in 2012. Hahaha I'm a nerd...I know.
  2. LMFAO Probably! I know there is a Munsters porn out there. Can't remember what it's called. There's another one too off of some show....the name of it escapes me at the moment though.
  3. The Brady Bunch...Porn version! -snickers- Seriously...I have no clue. hahaha.
  4. I can name the freakin' actor! I'm gonna take a shot in dark here on the movie....I has several to choose from. -lmfao- But...I'm gonna say..... -sing songs to self- eeny meeny miney..... Trapped?
  5. -chuckles- It's your turn to play the game. -points to the first page of this thread- The rules are there. Much better explained than I could accomplish at this point. -lmao-
  6. YAY! Corrrrrect. Was on a Transformers high...had to get it outta mah system and go back a bit. -lmfao-
  7. LOL Nope no name change darlin'. Still just me...Rockstar aka Rachel. Browsing through various threads, I have seen others refer to you as such... and...nope neither of those. hehe. YESH!!! Tis mah Jeremy!!! MmmMm Jeremy And ya want me to post another....-ponders- Hmmm Ok....gotta come up with somethin'....be back shortly with somethin'.
  8. You are on the right track BabyQ. That is indeed Colin Farrell. Our mystery man however is not LL Cool J. I must revert back to my hint. Cuz it's the only one that I can think of that won't give it completely away. -lmfao- Take another.....Gamble, BabyQ.
  9. My computer is just....too slow really to download music or I'd probably be doing that too. -lmfao- Though I do hit youtube once in a while when I got the itch to listen to something. Oh...something else I do.... Make pictures....avi's....whatever ya wanna call 'em. -lol- Either for my RP games or for my various forums. -lol-
  10. What consumes your minutes or hours or whatever that you spend online? Me...a couple things. I play Mobsters on Myspace. Soooo addicted to that game. -lmfao- I also RP online. Gives me a chance to flex my storytelling skills.
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