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  1. Cintia tried togo blonde at one point, but I think her hair didnt take the color
  2. Her new commercial for Gorgeous: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_...v=1844052214940
  3. ^ I never noticed how flat she was I like that they are promoting her again, though. She, Emanuela, Ale, and Marisa were a good group to promote the BBV in 2008.
  4. Exactly. <_< Had they just added her, Candice, and Rosie, it would be such a different story.
  5. blogjusantos Two things: How many campaigns does she have? I have a feeling she's still making more than Chanel and probably just as much if not more than Arlenis with Lancome. This leads me to my other remark: So she herself confirmed in this artcle that she signed a contract with VS? If so, is her contract already over or is it just really flexible? She seems to rarely work for them these days (its almost as if Gracie picked up her work and even most of Chanels ). I dont know why I'm posing all these questions, as Im sure many of you are wondering the same things. I just really want to know why VS isnt utilizing/ her properly. She cshould be easy to market, especially in the U.S.
  6. Couldn't have said it better. Im assuming Candice's change is due to her wanting to walk more shows now, whereas Chanel's, conversely, is probably due to the constant criticism about VS and other lingerie/swimwear companies using her. They really do make Adriana look bigger, even though she obviously is thin.
  7. ^Agreed - I do like that dichotomy... (Y) And if you should want to see some "curvy and delicious" - then this is the place: http://www.vspink.com/static/video/style_g...10216_looks.mp4 VS definitely allows her to show her personalitiy
  8. They found out at the taping of the show. It won't actually be live on CBS
  9. I actually kind of wanted Hilary to get the cover (if not Anne). Both of them were/are hf models that received criticism for their bodies throughout the careers. But, whenever I read Hilary's thread at tfs, I feel alittle creeped out by some of her fans. Anyways, congrats to Irina!
  10. Aside from Anne V., Damaris, Christine, and Genevieve, does anyone know who the other six models that are going to appear on Letterman? I'm assuming it is safe to add Hillary to that list as well Edit: Izabel confirmed is there as well
  11. Ten of the models will be on Letterman so that tweet doesn't really mean anything.
  12. Anne V. tweeted: Dear @SI_Swimsuit! @chrissyteigen & I can't wait to see u tomorrow on Letterman! Sending u love from the Grammys
  13. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/13/s...le=Hilary_Rhoda
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