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  1. No problem. I understand everyone's shock. Had I not known Ginta had been shooting for them recently I doubt I would have been able to tell. La Senza is notorious for taking beautiful models and making them look cartoonish.
  2. You can't be relevant in pop culture and not have more fans than Chanel.Also, according to forbes, the only models relevant enough to be in their list of most powerful celebs is Kate, Gisele and Adriana,so...You can't be relevant in pop culture and not have more fans than Chanel.Also, according to forbes, the only models relevant enough to be in their list of most powerful celeb is Kate, Gisele and Adriana,so...chrisman46 it is not valid to say twitter is only used by a certain used by certain populations. Twitter is filled with all kinds of ethnicity, race and nationality.Moving on... Re-read what I wrote. As I said, it is disproportionately used by certain demographics. For instance, young African Americans and Latinos are overrepresented among twitter users. Chanel and Adriana are widely popular among both groups. Moreover, the amount of Brazilian users on twitter is disproportionately high as well.
  3. I was kind of surprised to read that those were the first two that came to mind (esp. Keke). I'd imagine that he's also keeping an eye on more established girls like Barbara, Jac, or Frida (who went to castings last year).
  4. Additionally, twitter is disproportionately used by certain populations (ethnicially, racially, and nationality wise). It actually makes more sense for Adriana and Chanel to trend, given the demographics of twitter users
  5. It was Ginta Lapina before they photoshopped the crap out of her
  6. Out of curiosity, how do you know that Lily doesn't sell well?
  7. That's probably not far from what they really do I wouldnt be surprised if we saw Jasmine or Anais in a commercial/campaign before the next show. I dont understand why they were in such a hurry to make Chanel an Angel. She was practically signed once her (second or third) 18th birthday. She was clealry very small-framed from the beginning which became obvious whenever she was in campaigns with the others. I kind of feel bad for her being put on the backburner though, as she has recently gotten alittle fuller.
  8. I get the same feeling watching KK in the 2000 or seeing older Brazilian shows with Jeisa, Caroline, and other really young looking models
  9. I think alot of people were expecting the same chemistry among the current angels that was evident particularly with Tyra-Heidi, KK-Gisele, and Adriana-Ale (and then later on Izabel). One big difference, though, is that back then, alot of them worked together outside of VS. Regarding the sketch of the outfit that didn't make it, even the face looks tacky It could have possibly worked if they didnt rely so much on the medal and were alittle more subtle with the theme.
  10. Exactly. And don't even get me started on their "we only look for girls with good, strong walks" line <_<
  11. Right. And then lets not forget her ridiculous comments in that New York Times article, which contradict what she's always spewing in casting videos
  12. They do that alot. Arlenis, Elyse< Katsia Z, Cintia, Jourdan, Gracie, etc all went to castings but didnt get it. Yet, theyve all worked with VS right after. In her case, she could have actually had a scheduling conflict with the H&M show happening the same day.
  13. As did Michelle, Jessica Stam, Hana, and Quiana
  14. She probably has something with them, just not necessarily the angel contract.
  15. Well, they seem to really be going for the supposed "All-American" type, which, not surprisingly, is synonymous to Anglo-Saxon/West European features. I will say that I would like the addition of Toni considering her impressive resume before VS, her English skills, and the fact that she doesn't look unhealthy.
  16. Right?! But, you know VS. Anything is possible
  17. How do you know that they wouldn't be too? Lais is practically an angel already and VS is known for offering contracts to multiple models at the same time. That being said, I would imagine that they aren't trying to sign another model this soon, considering the already high number of contracted girls. I doubt they would make Toni an angel this quickly, but the fact that Modelinia posed the question is interesting given that they have more credibility than most websites (or posters like "lalagirl" ) Again, I'm just grateful that they're using girls like Toni, Brejge, and Elyse in commercials/launches.
  18. http://modelinia.com/blog/is-toni-garrn-th...ret-angel/36093 Didn't see that coming but like that they are using more non-angels. I'm especially glad that it isn't Karlie
  19. Also, in Izabel's defense, she's been one of the few models that has found a balance between walking professionally and still being fun/flirtatious on the VS runway. For me, she, KK, Fernanda, Isabeli, Ana Beatriz, Naomi, Natasha, and Oluchi accomplished this the best.
  20. Nice recap Didn't Selita claim to have been busy with "work" during last year's VSFS? I wonder what that supposedly was. Additionally, I'm pretty sure Daniela Pestova continued to do launches for VS up until 2003 even after her last show (2001)
  21. I can see what you mean. She definitely tries to standout as often as possible. She's been doing this with the hf designers shes been working with as well. Regarding her twitter, she often tweets about working with VS so I'm guessing she routinely shoots for them. I know Selita has done atleast one shoot with them since 2008 but I think that's all. I'm pretty sure Karolina has not done catalogue (she did, however, shoot with H&M instead).
  22. Oh Izabel. I can't balme her for getting as much screen time as she can. Is she the only former Vs-angel to to have continued to regularly work with the company after her contracted ended/was broken/not renewed?
  23. I know what you mean. The prospect of having to cut her hair off is what made Izabel decide not to walk for Givenchy last year, so you would think Candice would have also decline, given that shes actually has VS contract. In any case, i'm curious to see how this pans out. I would love for this to result in the increase of work for VS's other 20 angels
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