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  1. I got it.. It's a so nice cover... This russian mag did a couple more This is a Bulgarian magazine , not russian Indeed, sorry. I meant that, but was talking russian with my friend on skype oooooppppps !!
  2. I got it.. It's a so nice cover... This russian mag did a couple more
  3. This is NOT niki... I know what I am talking about.... Not offense to anyone here, but I've been collecting on Niki since september 1989... I have all her covers and probably 98% of her entire parutions (adverts, editorials, etc...)... So, on this particulary picture, this is not Niki... I am sorry, but I have to tell whenever I see a mistake for the fans and the collectors whom could look for "a picture" in particular which is not right...
  4. It´s the same cover they used for the german Vital magazine of May 2002. I´ve posted this a while back: http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?s=&...t&p=1903970 Maybe the german Vital cover was already a re-print?! This is a reprint... and I will scan the original Femme Actuelle Cover very soon, without the cooking advert... This photo has been reprinted a lot in Germany, Yougoslavia, Russia and south american. I have about 7 differents covers with the same photo (or close to..)... This is the first Femme Actuelle cover of Niki.... Renee did a few...
  5. Great job, Punk Got a brand new rare photo to show you by email
  6. Thanks for sharing. Any idea of the date ? ps : Claudia is back in the magazine ! She did a few in France lately. That is good to see her back
  7. Christy did a Madame Figaro (french) cover and pages inside. If anyone wants the paper version, I can send it for free.
  8. If anyone want the paper version of this Elle, I can send it for free. And any other french Gisele I have (French VOGUE april 2011)
  9. Just love this photo www.krissyandnikitaylor.com
  10. Just for the fun of it... here is a sketching I made from a Harper's Bazaar layout, Niki did... years ago.. a cover made for me one of her composite.... For more info : http://www.krissyandnikitaylor.com , my unofficial website on both Taylor...
  11. for me is not Niki <_< this is Niki - yes it is the cover shown is NOT Niki at all...
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