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  1. Tnx guys,I love those candids,she so sweet and sexy! I didn't see this editorial here so...
  2. New for me...sorry if reposts
  3. Thanks Pichichi I found this one....maybe a repost?!
  4. She so pretty! I love her lips
  5. Me too, but I noticed that she looks better on candids and without lots of make up
  6. oooh why? She's not that bad...
  7. Ok thanks I would realy like to have first bigger
  8. Can someone tell me were these posted before in HQ?
  9. This one is new for me... She looks so young!
  10. Thanks so much Jewels! you're the best!
  11. I didn't see these pics here and I just have to post them! SORRY if reposts but I realy love this editorial!
  12. WOW Thanx so much AnaBB Cover! I think Fernanda is great model and she should be more popular! Sorry if reposts!
  13. Douzen with Bianca and Marija.
  14. great pics,thanks! some more from rosa cha(small)
  15. This girl is beautful,I wish I've seen her before
  16. One more from VOGUE, and some from Marie Claire (sorry if reposts)
  17. Here are HQ's! never enough
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