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  1. I wholeheartedly disagree with this. Fashion is meant to challenge ideas and convention. What makes a blazer masculine and why? What makes someone with hair pulled back more or less feminine? What does it say about our society (or you) that a beautiful woman, with minimal makeup, is automatically defaulted as masculine? I think it's great that the body of her work allows her to explore the range of swimsuits to suits and anywhere else. Plus, I think you misunderstand the concept of pedantry. In fact, by saying that Hannah should only be in feminine clothes, you're the one imposing
  2. But an insanely attractive robot
  3. I love how this discussion presents itself every couple of months. Overall I agree, though. For better or worse, it's 2019 and the internet is the internet. The product is going to get out there and artists (models included) need to get comfortable with that, learn how to adapt accordingly, or perhaps find a new business model to pursue. Based on the dearth of new images and social media interaction, I believe that Genevieve has chosen to find a different pursuit.
  4. I thought about getting the book (he's a fantastic photographer and the models are so beautiful) but the starting price was so steep (US$1500k). Still, she's beautiful. Lovely photograph!
  5. Any ideas what she's been up to lately? Both on her blog and twitter there seem to be vague statements ("Goodbye fear, hello faith!" on twitter) indicating some upcoming change but it seems, vague and sporadic. Is she moving onto another industry?
  6. Love this set! Especially the picture of her genuine huge smile. So earnest and honest and genuine. Thanks for sharing this!
  7. She's got such a great, powerful, and unique look. Love it. So happy for her and excited to see what the future holds for her!
  8. She's looking great in this year's SI issue; toned and fit. Well done!
  9. Her latest from insta is putting that pastry to work!
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