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  1. she has a sweet smile, but her eyes are not sooooo beautiful.
  2. Thx for the scans! She is sweet and the last pics was cool with the dogs
  3. she have a good body and she is good =) Bye
  4. she is really funny of the Blog Pics
  5. Hello The Last Pics was very beautiful =) Bye
  6. Bettina

    Rachel Bilson

    hello thx for the photoshootings pic...i love Bye
  7. i like Marilyn Monroe.. she was great
  8. the last pic was very funny =)
  9. she is very nice she is very hot ^^ thx for the pics
  10. Bettina

    Jessica Alba

    she is soooo wonderful.. I loved her
  11. wow, she is realy nice! thx for pics
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