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  1. Good call on the Alt-J too, Matt. I've been smashing this album lately :ddr:

    It's just one of those albums you don't get tired of isn't it! They're coming to my city but they're playing the same night as WHY? so I won't be able to go :/

  2. new xx sounds a little Beach House-y and I ain't mad :hehe:

    btw I saw Jack White live. I HAVE BEEN IN THE PRESENCE OF A GOD. It was night and raining and there were sound issues but when it was fixed, and those guitar sounds came out full blast, the skies filled with lightning and thunder for there was ROCK to be played.

    and along with Jack I saw The Killers, Black Keys, Death Cab, John Legend, Young the Giant, Ra Ra Riot (no Allie Lawn :(), The Head and the Heart, Grouplove, and an up and coming indie pop sensation Penguin Prison (think Passion Pit but more wigger/less gay)

    all for $20. volunteer for music festivals people. you won't regret it


    Nash to the Lakers! Will he finally get get his ring?

    In other news Dwight Howard is the new Lebron only more annoying.

  3. excuse my ignorance again, but can someone explain to me why Torres is taken for of a joke? Not in this tournament but in general as a player.

    It only really happened about 18 months ago but I guess in truth, Torres had been underperforming for a lot longer. He was dogged by all manner of knee injuries towards the end of his time at Liverpool and was well short of fitness at the 2010 World Cup, where David Villa took over as Spain's main striker. By the time he arrived at Chelsea, he looked slow, low on confidence and just generally incapable of recreating his best form. Consequently, his goalscoring prowess pretty much went down the toilet and the jokes started. These days you can see signs of improvement, though the recovery still looks far from complete. I suspect a move away from Chelsea would help no end. :yes:

  4. hey kids the new indie hipster band to like is Alt-J. Their name is the Apple keyboard shortcut for a triangle, the most hipster of shapes.

    and donbot that set is A+ :woot:

  5. ^ I will poke around later to see can we fix it.

    EDIT: I think b/c this is technically a "new" board, it does not take into account nor remember what you have read on the old forum. Which is why when you click on the "unread post" star icon it takes you to the first post. It thinks it is your first time in that thread. If you click on the last page (or the last page you remember reading on the "old" forum), it should from now on take you to the page of first unread post.

    I can't remember if this happened the last time when we went to BZ 2.0. If it did, I guess I got over it :clap: Still though, it sucks...


    Can you believe the Sixers could be in the conference finals this year? I mean the Celtics look old and beaten. Now the Heat lost Bosh. Who knows if they'll even beat Indiana. This condensed season has really changed everything.

    You see Garnett finally getting called for that moving screen? Oh man, I laughed my ass off after that one. About time.

  6. Is it just me or does that Irina chick really have bags under her eyes ? :ermm:
    She probably had to beat off horny cowboys the entire night before that shoot. :p
    She probably had to beat off horny cowboys the entire night before that shoot. :p



    She probably had to beat off horny cowboys the entire night before that shoot. :p




    I really need to start proofreading my posts. :no:



    I don't understand how people don't find players like him not exciting. When he gets people with those up and unders and those little scoop shots, that's basketball right there! I like the rockets. Kyle Lowry (philly pride) is one of the hardest working players in the league. Never thought he'd get as good as he is now. Been watching him since his Nova days.

    you're right though, they still need that one guy, (as do my sixers :ninja: ) actually we have a player in Evan Turner who can be that guy, but Doug Collins likes to sit him for whole quarters at a time in favor of Jodie f*cking Meeks who is worthless. :|

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