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  1. Have you already seen a "before" Paris pic ???
  2. gatinha

    Monica Bellucci

    Sorry but this post is a fake (or heavily airbrushed pic if you prefer) here is the original pic: which then became: but actually, I mean in every day life, her boobs look more like that: http://img131.exs.cx/img131/4080/monica420rv.jpg please say that images contains nudity and link the image...edited by neo52285
  3. gatinha

    Monica Bellucci

    I really don't think that's her. Compare those nipples to the ones in this pic which is definately Monica: http://img75.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img75&image...=09-Bellucc.jpg <<< NUDITY AS WELL Sorry, but IT IS HER, and maybe it's hard to admit but YES her boobs are FAKE !!!! before boob job: after boob job:
  4. By the way, I just remembered that I already posted them on the first page of this topic with their origin but it seems that noone had noticed ...
  5. They were never published, I don't believe. Those images I think originally came from a photographer's personal portfolio site. Those pics were published in the august 2003 issue of the Marie Claire UK magazine
  6. http://img98.exs.cx/img98/9530/alessandrab...imulticolor.jpg
  7. http://img129.exs.cx/img129/9375/fc_MarieC...ean-Gleason.jpg http://img129.exs.cx/img129/737/fc_MarieCl...ean-Gleason.jpg http://img129.exs.cx/img129/846/fc_MarieCl...ean-Gleason.jpg http://img129.exs.cx/img129/3504/fc_MarieC...ean-Gleason.jpg http://img33.exs.cx/img33/4493/fc_MarieCla...ean-Gleason.jpg if an image is over 600 pixels please post the image as a link or as a clickable thumbnail
  8. The other chick is an other brazilian model called Renata Maciel http://img102.exs.cx/img102/7717/adv_3211.jpg Edit*Please link images with a width larger than 600 pixels*KingSupra
  9. http://img123.exs.cx/img123/9251/fernandat...tavarez1002.jpg http://img123.exs.cx/img123/6177/fernada_tavares.jpg http://img123.exs.cx/img123/9817/tavaresphoto00156.jpg click on pictures for original size please text link any image over 600 pixels wide-edited by zoltar
  10. Just gorgeous http://img123.exs.cx/img123/762/if3.jpg
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