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  1. i'll check sometime later when i feel like scanning through all of ym mags. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't see any lower back dimples. I thought that'w what neo would use to identify her. Anyways I haven't been here in a while but the site is as great as ever.
  2. fremont


    Ha, all of these teams stink compared to my white sox. SOUTH SIDE REPRESENT. Woot.
  3. Nicole trunfio, sorry for the small size
  4. haha...Babe Musicians....
  5. nice to finally see some traditional art. (Y)
  6. Just stumbled into this thread and now I can't leave.
  7. Nicole Trunfio has the most absurdly awesome legs ever. Look at their length!
  8. She is gorgeous. When I was in Poland last summer (Krakow), it was absurd because 80 % of the girls were this good looking. Polish girls got in going for them.
  9. fremont


    Well, I just made my yearly order at Bass Pro Shops. I ordered a beastly combo specifically for flatheads. This is what I'm going for this summer up yonder in Wisconsin: this is,, of course, the world record flathead catfish, weighing 123 lbs 9 oz.
  10. fremont


    Man, now that spring is in the air, I am getting cabin fever, and now find it essential to stat a fishing thread. I caught my first fish of the year today - about a 1 pound largemouth - which at any other time would be something a fisherman would keep quite about, but the here in Chicago lakes lost their ice about one week and a half ago. If anyone has any fish pics, I encourage you to post them. I will as soon as I get my scanner working. Perhaps someone has a fish tale......?
  11. It should do just the oppposite. No, haha I kid. I wish that many posts neo. There should be a special title for the biggest Bellazon poster, something beyond PIP King or god. Something like, "Tao of the PIP" or something.
  12. fremont

    Best scenes ever...

    Alright, the best mob/mafia scene is from Miller's Crossing, done by the the Coen Brothers. It starts with two guys toting tommy guns walking up a long staircase and only their feet are showing. They are going to murder the boss in bis bedroom. The proper (and awesome!) shootout ensues while "Danny Boy" is playing on the boss's radio. It lasts about 4 minutes and is quite remarkable - better than any one scene int the Godfather or Goodfellas.
  13. C O N G R A T S on the promotion.
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