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  1. New Fragrance: Sunkissed Glow by Jennifer Lopez
  2. Thanks everyone. Izabel is amazing. Love her.
  3. Shakira arrives in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) - December 28
  4. OMG! I love pictures. Izabel is gorgeous. Thank u.
  5. Thanks Matute for beautiful pictures. Izabel is amazing.
  6. *Sandra*


    Thanks Nikola for pics. I haven't seen some before.
  7. Hvala vam. Jupiiiiiiiii konacno neko iz Srbije.
  8. Shakira and Antonio shopping at Barra, Uruguay - December 21
  9. New Beyonce video "Diva" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCrTL_CFUAc...ed.buzznet.com/
  10. Thank u for pics.She is beautiful.
  11. Thank u. In my free time i like to go on internet, listening music, having fun with friends...
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