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  1. Just wanted to drop you a post about how I love your Mathias pics! I only wish I would have knew about his hawtness soon! lol. Hes really amazing and I feel sad hes seems to be moving on. I wish him nothing but good luck in the future!

  2. Hows it going Liika? Gen's thread is all empty with no other people posting in it. Makes me sad. Wonder what happened to festat? I was thinking about posting that dutch interview from last year on his thread to add something to it. I hope he shows up for the 2012 shows! Hes not even on the models.com list anymore *tears* He was at #30 when I last checked it.

  3. I just went on google translate. It worked pretty good for a translator, lol. Hes so cute in it and said hes to dorky to pick up women. I was like, WHAT! Hes to hot, how can he not get girls? Maybe we need to go over the NL and find him, lol ;)

  4. Wow, I didn't know that was a fake. Its good he got it removed. I noticed this been happening to him a while now with the fake accounts. Its too bad. He seems like a private guy. I remember he had a dutch interview taking about school and modeling with a few other models. I wish he would do another interview (video one) but he never did. :( He seems really smart with a degree in health scienc

  5. I think so too. :( Its sad because he is a good model. I remember the facebook thing too a few weeks ago. He also had a twitter which he got rid of too. If this is what he wants to do, I think its good he wants more in life, its just sad he stopped so fast.

  6. I have a feeling Gen is going to school or something that keeps him busy and away from modeling. Its strange he missed FW in Milan. Hopefully he will show up at Paris...

  7. I think Gen might be in school or something. He hasn't been seen in a long time! And he missed FW Milan, who knows if hes going to be at Paris FW?

  8. Loving the Eric Northman Themed AVi and Siggy.

  9. Thank you very much for the Icons! <3

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