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  1. Tennis TNS May 2015 (TNS is a Colombian brand)
  2. I cant find any updated information about what she is up to - current management, instagram, etc... I just happened to do a reverse image search on someone and one of those pics was a "similar image" so I followed it which led me to that site. Got lucky. These were pretty much the first thing I've seen since her Triumph lingerie stuff that was many years ago. Was always disappointed she just kinda dropped off. Does anyone have more info on current management or social media stuff to follow up on more?
  3. Uhh I guess she is working again, somehow I came across these from Schweitzer Linen.
  4. Stumbled across some more from the Marisa Kenson Spring Summer 2015 Collection Most are in very good quality.
  5. Looking for the name of the blonde model on the left in the first picture, next to Selena Weber. Obviously shes on the right in the second picture.
  6. Yeah, thats her. Her instagram has pics from that company.
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