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  1. hello! that would be Holly Peer, UK model. cheers, esare
  2. hi! it was me... time ago... different forums... and still no luck. let's see if we can find it! brgds,
  3. Hi! just found out (pure luck!) that the first model is Caitriona Balfe. Confirmed by the photographer that took the picture (god, he's good!) if anyone interested... Brgds, esare
  4. hi! for me this is her best photo :
  5. thank you!!! if someone can ID the first model I'll be the happiest person on earth! thanks again Chocolate!!
  6. any idea? if i'm not wrong this are back-stage pictures of pasarela cibeles around 5 years ago... any name, please!?!? thanks in advance! 1. 2.
  7. Hello! can somevody help ID this models? thanks in advace, BRgds, esare. 1. 2. 3. 4. - Alex Leigh 5. - Marie Nicole Lenz/ Nicolette 6. 7.
  8. Hi! any idea about this model's name? she has a gorgeous smile... thanks for your help!!
  9. Hi!! she has been ID as Estefania Pigazzi. thanks a lot for your help anyway!!! take care, esare.
  10. Hi! her name is Rianne Ten Haken cheers! esare
  11. Hello! anybody knows the name of this model? thanks!! esare
  12. Hi! number 3 is Roberta Accioly. please find some more pics of her just in case u don't have them... Brgds, esare
  13. Hello! is it possible to have a name for this blonde model? thanks!! esare
  14. Hi! this is Gemma Perfect underwear spring 2009 collection (part I) Brgds, esare
  15. thank u all so much!!! you made my day!
  16. hello! can somebody help ID this model? she is now modeling for Gemma Perfect Underwear.. thanks!
  17. hello! number 1 is Crissy Moran. number 3 is Victoria Silvstedt Brgds, esare
  18. Hi! I've found that the last model is now on loreal "recital preference" (5.3)... I hope this helps ID her! thanks!
  19. Hi! somebody told me the first model is Camila Thorsson... so now the second model (and the one in my sig!) missing... thanks and Brgds, esare
  20. 2 more i haven't seen here... brgds, esare
  21. hello! does anybody, maybe, know their names? thanks! esare
  22. esare

    2 more...

    hi! sombody told me the name of the first girl. she is Christina Gottschalk. let's see if somebody can give a name for the other model... Brgds, esare
  23. hello! sorry to confirm still impossible to see the pic...
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