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  1. :yuckky: thank you very much, i can see the pic, that's why i didn't noticed it. i loaded it up again, i hope you can see it now
  2. <_< http://www.jon-k.net/ads/GW09_3.jpg
  3. What is the name of the girl next to jon? *Klick*
  4. His name is Serafim Chouchoutas
  5. Samira

    Who is she?

    Help me please What's the name of this model? Her first name is Mila Picture 1 Picture 2
  6. Can somebody tell me the name of the girl standing next to Andrew Stetson? Thanks in advance!
  7. Samira

    who is he?

    Good evening everyone! I would like to know who this cute guy is. I only have one picture of him, but I really hope that someone could help me. I already want to thank you for your help
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