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  1. Same. I feel like they would have posted already? Right?
  2. I’m not feeling Lameka either. I hope she stays in PINK.
  3. There should be a better rotation each year of girls. Someone walking 7+ years gets old and fast. There is so much talent and bombshells. I think Sophia has here crushes. It’s annoying.
  4. Sounds like Sara got so defensive because she knows it’s true. Sadie has done nothing in her 10 yrs. Usually people don’t get so defensive unless there is some guilt there. 🤣
  5. She is definitely not cute in those mug shots. I guess without filters and make-up she’s plain jane. PINK she must go.
  6. Hope so. It’s where she belongs.
  7. Lo and Frida! Please don’t stick them in PINK! I just need Duckie to make. 💞
  8. Sadie is very yawn worthy and nothing special about her at all. I don’t get her. There was far more bombshells. I hope her look is hideous.
  9. Nadine, Devon, Shanina.. No news about Hannah F and I hope she doesn’t make it.
  10. So happy for Lo, but by the looks of the castings it’s going to be another 60+ and she will get like 3 seconds on time.
  11. I don’t want to see Toni there either, but I wouldn’t call her social media “diabolical” she has 1.2 million followers? What do you mean?
  12. I don’t see the appeal of Devon.
  13. Lo better be casted, if she’s not it’s because they seriously think her beauty will outshine them all! 💛
  14. I’m seriously concerned about her health.
  15. She is always so elegant. Thanks for the updates.
  16. Seems like in a few years this magazine is completely going to be plus sized, why don’t they just make two separate magazine? 1 for BBW models and one for actual legit models ala 70s 80s 90s realness. MJ doesn’t have it in her. I think it’s because she’s so large herself. This magazine is getting worse. Fire her and hire someone who knows real beauty and bodies. Get actual good photographers. Also some better swimwear.
  17. Oh my god! What a body! Absolutely slayed this shoot!
  18. I think her body is a masterpiece right now. I do agree that she does work out far too much. She doesn't need it anymore. She does Tracy Anderson probably could cut it to 1 hour? She looks so elegant even though she's naked. I guess I've just never seen her this sexy. I'm shook. ?
  19. That could be, but I have been following her since she started. Her boobs look the same since 2007 @ Stella MaCartney. It's the same shape. If she did get them good for her at least it's nicely done. I have no idea when she would have gotten. Her boobs were also the same when she did SI. Either way she looks hot and her body nailed this shoot. I'm happy she's decided to be more open to different shoots.
  20. Her body is amazing. Such a sultry shoot! Very unexpected from her! Lovely!
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