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  1. Omg I am dyyyyying to see her Numéro editorial with Baptiste in HQ!
  2. Fendi Fall/Winter 2010 with Baptiste Giabiconi, by Karl Lagerfeld. http://fybaptiste.tumblr.com via tFS.
  3. Thanks!! Do you know who the other model is?
  4. CHANEL Cruise 2011 St. Tropez, France.
  5. A couple of new pictures found during the development of is official website.
  6. Sorry I know this is old-ish, but thanks for posting! I wrote that profile! Francisco is so adorable.
  7. Hahah I think it's kind of obvious. Feel free to post as much vintage as you like, they're most of the ones I haven't seen, personally.
  8. Loooove your collection of vintage pic's MauiKane, thanks!
  9. Coca-Cola Light by Karl Lagerfeld, with Coco Rocha photographed by Karl Lagerfeld. I looove this, I think it's adorable. ModelHommes
  10. This is literally one of my favourite editorials ever... I don't know why, I just love it!
  11. It's true, he even has a MySpace music page and might be working with Lady Gaga, according to his Facebook/Twitter.
  12. Chanel Eyewear Fall/Winter 2010, with Freja Beha by Karl Lagerfeld. Also, check out my Tumblr blog dedicated to Baptiste. http://fybaptiste.tumblr.com
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