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  1. I found this during last night's rampage. Please forgive me if this was posted before
  2. http://photos.pasadenastarnews.com/2013/05/07/photos-josie-maran-brings-mini-makeovers-to-city-of-hope-patients/
  3. pics my friend took on her cell at a sephora
  4. excited about the product! been waiting for something like this!
  5. brazilianaffair, your attachments are not showing?
  6. Nice pics! I noticed she has some other pics of herself at Sephora, have not seen on the web before. I wanted to take pictures...but I was afraid I would get in trouble lol
  7. So beautiful! Happy New Year, eveyrone!
  8. oh wow! thanks so much! they are gorgeous!
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