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  1. Hey doll! Its good to be able to breathe again and hop on here. I won't bore you with all the sh!t I've been through in the last few months but HI! Glad to be back even on a limited basis.

  2. Happy Birthday Laffy!!

  3. Thanks Laffy!

  4. Thanks PC, appreciate it! See ya soon.

  5. Thanks Joe, I hop on occasionally but not as much as I'd like. Rumor has it my real life is kinda full at the moment!!

  6. Thanks Nichelle. Wish I could hang out here more. Silly real life.

  7. I know what its like to be kept away for a while. Glad all is well! See ya on again soon.


  8. Stoppin by to say HI.

  9. Hey GG.

    Just saw a comment about your Grandmother. I'm sorry to hear such disheartening news.


  10. Hey, how are you. Just poppin in to say HI! Hope all is well on your side of the world. Maybe I'll see you on soon.

  11. Hey, just poppin in to say Hi! Hope your not too busy with upkeep!

  12. Yeah, I popped on for a few minutes but then had to get back to work. RL is always interfering with my fun.

  13. Glad to hear that your doing well in school and in general. I'll try to catch you on during the day time here if I can. Don't have too much fun!

  14. Yeah, always a good time. It'll be fun when your in the same time zone and I won't have to be up so late to catch you on. I do miss it on BZ but RL tends to keep me away. Sheesh.

  15. Hate that I don't have much time to play online like before but I wanted to pop in and say HI. So, Hi, hope all is well. Look forward to chatting again.

  16. Happy Birthday dear. Haven't spoke in far too long, hope you had an amazing day!

  17. I did it already, sheesh.

  18. Got it, I should add you.

  19. Is it the same as hotmail PM's??

  20. No, AIM. but I'm open to new things.

  21. Nope, didn't scare me this time. I was ready for it, haha. I've been doing well. Extremely busy with the holidays but, whew, that's over now.

  22. F* RJ. He's not my favorite. Grr!

    However, you should have been the one to say no if you didn't want to be around him, love.

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