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  1. ^Thanks! Abbey looks great! Gucci Resort 2010 via style.com:
  2. ^Uhm, thanks and all, but shouldn't those be text linked?
  3. Amazing ed! Thank you so much for posting!!
  4. Thanks for the stunning pictures, Francy Italy!
  5. Ahhh I love Vlada! She's so stunning! Thanks for all the wonderful pictures!
  6. Awww! Anja is sooo cute! And so's Ale, of course. (: Thanks for posting!
  7. She's gorgeus! I've seen her in my Delia's catalogues but I never knew who she was...
  8. Sorry about the double post, but I forgot I wanted to post these, so... Abbey Lee Kershaw in the commercial for Flora by Gucci: Abbey Lee Kershaw in the making of the commercial by Gucci: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqucYKqeqD0&feature=fvw
  9. They don't look like reposts to me! Thanks so much, I love her to death!
  10. Repost. But she still looks stunning.
  11. Ale's looking great! It's astonishing that she was ever pregnant. Thanks!
  12. I love the ed, Abbey looks so stunning. Thanks, Ariesdior!
  13. She looks so stunning! Thanks!
  14. Another Abbey Lee picture. (Gucci Cruise) :
  15. Ahhhh I'm so happy for her!
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