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  1. Ah, I love it all. Wizards, witches, vampires, werewolves... all of it fascinates me. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan.

    I'm just not a fan of the paranormal when it's written by a certain Stephanie Meyer. Just sayin'.

  2. Local custard stand and the farm market (the latter I hate - I was not made for heavy lifting, y'know) and I recently I had a rejuvinated interest in the modelling world.

  3. I'm into gymnastics and, sometimes, football. And also, why the death glare, Jude? 'Fraid A-Rod won't be able to take my Phillies - even if they let him use 'roids again? :P

  4. No, don't worry. I still don't have one of those. :P

    I've just been spending an unhealthy amount of time on Youtube.

  5. Oh, well in that case, ask Posada if he could lend my grandmother his walker. :P

    How do you like that wondrous wit? BTW, how do you feel about Derek Jeter? 'Cause I got lots of really nice things to say about him!

  6. Yes, he is dating (insert Gollum's voice here) my precious Minka Kelly. But I'm hardly all over him. I'm not going to be another ridiculous fan who hates on who a person's dating but you couldn't pay me to be all over Derek Jeter. Blech. And if I had to pick a favorite Yankee, so help me God, it would probably be Cano, as he's great, as much as I hate to admit that abou

  7. Actually, no, I'm just feeling frustrated with my English class and how everything is interpreted as something else. It's so complex and it's making me go crazy.

    Anyway, I've never really watched hockey. I think I might like it, though, if I tried.

  8. Thanks, dear. I wish you a very happy Christmas and a stellar New Year. (:

  9. lmfao. I've been there before - both in the license-getting process and the insanely bored status. I don't know what I'd want in a new set; besides the fact that it HAS to be Minka :D.

  10. But it DOES make a difference. It makes a HUGE difference. And, now that things are looking murky regarding the Yankees' future, I just want to say to you and all other Yankees fans, players, coaches, owners, whatever: Put THAT in your bank account and suck it! :P


  11. Sorry. I would watch if I could.

    Well, maybe.

  12. Yeah, well, they aren't all so good looking in baseball either. Still, it does seem interested and I suppose I could deal with all the, erm... violence?

    And I suppose you cheer for a NY team? :P

  13. Yes, I suppose the Flyers are pretty good, right? I know they made it far last year. So close yet so far and all that.

    And you're welcome for the picture. :P

  14. Yes, I do. I'd very much like getting a damn job already. It's tough around here in these oh so very rough times... :pinch:

  15. Sasha Pivovarvoa. :Flower:

  16. Who, me? Not like Candice? Pshhawww, where'd you get that from? I think I've made it *verrrryyyy* clear how much I love and adore her. :cain:

  17. I'm still not sure where you're getting this foolishness from. :P

  18. lmfao! That was hilarious. :D

  19. lol. Yeah, I guess I can see where you're coming from.

  20. Yeah, I see a resemblence to both Leighton and Karmen in some pictures. Maybe that's part of the reason I'm in love with her (:

  21. *Sighs* Yes, I suppose I may have the occasional ill feeling towards her, okay? Sue me, she's annoying.

  22. Yes, my personal favorite is Come as You Are. I love the beginning, it's wonderful. (:

  23. Yes, she is. And I have yet to see her in any movies, but I've seen her on Parenthood and on Friday Night Lights. I want to see her upcoming ones and I hope she's wins the role on How I Met Your Mother.

  24. I really got into her, too. First time I saw her I didn't like her, though I'm not sure why. Maybe it has something do with Jeter...?

    And I heard something about the Flyers looking for a new goalie at the end of last season. I just don't know if that ever happened...?

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