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  1. heyyyy honey, thanks for the comment.ryan does look cute getting his hair done.so purty. have you seen the new taylor stuff i posted? if so what do you think? i think theres only me and anna barros fan and hartigan that posts there at the moment.sooo annoying

  2. your welcome :) you have some similar likes to me. i love poetry haha i think im a bit old fashioned :) your personal picture is ace. i didnt even know that it was supposed to be yourself (even though it said it...durhh) so i have taylor fuchs as mine...yeah i might hve to change that before i look wierd haha

  3. hahaaha im still trying to narrow down pics for my sig from you...theres too much prettyness to choose from! :D

  4. its fab! and you dont even have photoshop and it still looks proffessional! :D

  5. thank you for your birthday wishes, that was very kind! :)

  6. thank you for your birthday wishes, that was very kind! :)

  7. hey summerboy thanks for the comment. actually little scarlet shadow made it for me.its funny, i picked the pictures for him and he said..hmm i might ask summer if he will do it for me for you. hes much better than me at it.aw lol

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