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  1. I see some Fergie in her, to be honest!
  2. That is absolutely crazy! Coco is my model idol- she's amazing! Didn't they say something like this about Gemma? That she's too chubby? Psh, ridiculous. Coco is sooo beautiful and I'm so proud of her for speaking out against all this bizarre thinness the fashion industry strives for. Pretty soon we'll have sticks walking the runway...
  3. Wow! She just gets more gorgeous by the day! Love the new photos!
  4. I don't think some of these have been posted yet: Source: art-podium.com There's a ton more that I'll add later if people want. I love Nat so freaking much! <3
  5. From The Ones 2 Watch- March 10 2009 Info: Full Name:Blanka Bartosova Hair:Brown Eyes:Blue Height:178cm / 5′10″ Bust:85 cm / 33.5″ Waist:63 cm / 25″ Hips:89 cm / 35″ place of origin:Czech Republic date of birth:September 2 1990 I still like her
  6. Here's some of her print work: Seventeen Magazine Photographer: Don Flood Forest & Bluff Magazine January 2009 Photo: Petrovsky & Ramone For: Avantgarde Magazine, April 2009
  7. I love Eniko! She's so unique looking <3 -Thanks for all the pictures, everyone!
  8. Thank you SO much carMELita! Those pictures are fan-FREAKING-tastic!
  9. Oh my gosh- those pictures are beautiful! Thanks natia! <3
  10. I don't think I'll ever get over this girl- she just keeps getting more beautiful every day
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