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  1. Modelle bellissime , mai come Valeria .
  2. Oh God fantastic post ! Great Covers.
  3. Fantastic Scans Thank you Sanja for the great wor you are doing
  4. Damn ,they have been thrown away .My mother did this. Now i have only a small amount of GRAZIA magazine 20177 2018
  5. Thank You Sanja for these scans. Gioia , Grazia and Anna was my preferred magazines I think the issues of those times were quite better than these Fantastic pictures gorgeous models . I really preferred the 80 90 2000 issues
  6. Thank you Sanja for all these scans. I remember a part of them , i allways loved GRAZIA and i was use to ppurchase it at that time
  7. 1 Valeria Mazza 2 Charlize Theron 3 Vittoria Puccini 4 Shiloh Malka 5 Amber Heard 6 Chiara Baschetti 7 Jessica Chastain 8 Kelly Reilly 9 Emily Didonato 10 Gwyneth Parltrow
  8. Thanks to all of you that post all these fantastic issues I was use to purchase a lot of the issues in 80-90 Grazia, Gioia and Amica was my favourite. Every issue of those years are welcome Thanks
  9. Fantastic 80 90 years and fantastic Amica magazine of those years I was use to purchase every issue
  10. She is allways lovely and gorgeous , a very beautiful girl .
  11. Thanks a lot for every post I allways loved
  12. EF1 Nathalie Portman EF2 Amber heard EF3 Kate Beckinsale EF4 Olga Kurylenko EF5 Catherine Zeta Jones EF6 Charlize theron EF7 Ashley Greene EF8 Aishwarya Rai
  13. 1)Charlize Theron 2)Megan Fox 3)Vittoria Puccini 4)Rachel McAdams 5)Sophie Marceau 6)Rosamund Pike 7)Sarah Lancaster 8)Kelly Reilly 9)Molly Sims 10)Jessica AĆ²ba
  14. thank you Francy my living encyclopedy roby
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