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  1. Who is the other girl that appears in the video?
  2. Can someone id the names of all these gorgeous girls in this video?
  3. Something irrelevant, who is the girl on your avatar?
  4. I would be a bit angry with this guy if I were DiCaprio
  5. ok since you just want to provoke me and continue with this nonsense, is it ok for you a guy or a woman to walk naked in a mall proudly showing his/her privates and mocking/yelling anyone who just feels unconfortable? There is a tone of clothing for breastfeeding so not covering is a mother who is looking for attention or something else...
  6. I was sure that someone would do that correllation eventhough dirtiness is only in the mind who makes that correlation in that way! The point is about getting nude in public places and that something being natural or urgent is not an excuse!!! Breastfeeding is more than fine even in public when needed but doing it without covering is something else!
  7. That is ridiculus, breastfeeding off course is natural and it's good both for mothers and babies but this doesn't mean that it's not awkard and make people feel uncomfortable (btw you know men love to see boobies so this isn't a men problem ) if someone do it publicly without even covering. Also peeing and pooping is really natural too and really urgent but there are specific places where we go to do our job Lastly taking a boob photo breastfeeding is just a show up Not that I don't like it since boobs get bigger after giving birth but just some common sense doesn't hurt
  8. Anyone knows who is that girl? She looks like Adriana Lima or Irina Sheyk but I don't think that she is either of them! Thank You
  9. Who are the other girls in the Love Haus video?
  10. I just watched the videos with Nina however in these videos there is no set that includes the last 5 of the above images, does anyone know why? or is there another video?
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