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    I AM SO SORRY FOR ALL THE NEGATIVE THINGS I HAVE SAID ON THIS SITE!!!!<br /><br />I have been diagnosed with serious mental health disorders and thus will often say EXTREME things and regret it the second I am in my right mind and medicated.<br /><br />I did not mean to offend anyone, so if I did offend you I am SO sorry. <br /><br />I have grown up a lot since I last visited this site.<br /><br />I love fashion and models just like all of you and will stay on my meds and thus keep my big mouth SHUT from now on.<br /><br />I love all of you!<br /><br />Sonta

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  1. Another once beautiful girl rendered hideous and unrecognizable due to plastic surgery... why mess with something when its not broken? I will never know.. I should also add that I think that its absolutely HILARIOUS that she says there is no credibility to the plastic surgery facts... ermm.. I mean, rumours, riiiight, rumours. She looks like a completely different person. Her face is completely unrecognizable to what it once was, in a horrible and unattractive way... poor Kim.
  2. Wow, people really need to get over the "stupid faces" thing. Just because someone doesn't act all haughty and pseudointellectual in front of the camera (like everyone else does) doesn't make them an idiot. Sheesh. She's unique, so what? Is individuality a crime a now? <_<
  3. SontaSejou


    OMG. She has grey eyes like mommy! Yay! Hope they don't change, but isn't it too late for that anyway?

  5. Whoa there's a huge change in her face from the beginning of this thread to the end. Her face looks completely different now. Shouldn't have touched it.
  6. She's one of the most captivating models I've ever seen. Finally discovered her and still in shock. She's... just wow. Amazingly gorgeous. Don't see how anyone could find her ugly!
  7. She's amazing, amazing, amazing thanks for the pics. WOW.
  8. Candice. I didn't think Emanuela was an angel because I rarely see her but if she is her too!
  9. Marloes is one of my top 3 right now - I think she's just perfect.
  10. I just have to say, Ana BB is my favourite model right now! Can't believe I went all these years with her only in my top 5, and never the star. She's the best!
  11. Klara must have the best lips ever. So mesmerizing.
  12. Ana x2 for SURE. Alba is so overrated. I think Ana is underrated if anything, beautiful lady.
  13. I'm stunned that Angelina is winning... I hate to say it but I find her repulsive. Personality, looks, everything, blah.
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