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  1. OMG! Thank you!! I dreamed of the day she would get her own real fansite
  2. Please keep posting guys, I need to see new/rare pics of Patricia that I haven't seen before xD Must have moar Patricia!!! <3
  3. I realized that too when I downloaded the link xD but unfortunately the clip is only a few seconds long
  4. Thanks for those, but do you know where I could find a working download of No vacancy?
  5. She did, especially in the beginning - her hair, make up, clothes, was all perfect <3
  6. I feel bad for not posting for so long, but I come bearing new pics
  7. DOJ

    Shawnee Smith

    Who's Harry Crumb? (1989) capped by me
  8. DOJ

    Juliette Lewis

    her! Thanks for the updates
  9. You're welcome Can't get enough of Patricia
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