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  1. you have changed your mind yet lol

  2. Coco is beautiful and she is a very good model <3

  3. I agree with MissLimaVzla, it's your opinion and like she said a fan will say she is gorgeous (really?) and a hater will she is ugly

  4. Who is this girl on your personal photo?

  5. i love this photo of Brooklyn <3

  6. Why are you confused?

  7. Gisele is beautiful <3

  8. what happened to your beautiful avatar and signature?

  9. beautiful avatar and signature ♥

  10. I love Esti, she is beautiful and sexy

  11. I love your new avatar ♥

  12. i love your avi <3

  13. I joined BZ on september 08 so i was not here two years ago

  14. et puis c'est bien de pouvoir parler un peu fran

  15. merci pour ton commentaire

    Vive la France !!!!!

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