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    Taking pictures, i love going out and get grat shots. Of mountains, flowers or people i dont know, Its just wonderfull.

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  1. Hola~

    Happy Birthday ^_^

  2. Can somone please tell me what is dafne doing right now ?
  3. Oh, if somone can find the shots in bigger please help. I looked for them but no luck.
  4. Valentino Rock 'n Dreams Fragrance Marloes, Siri and Erin :heart: :heart: I realy adore this picture, marloes looks so adorable , and erin too The next pictures are horrible, i dont like marloes in these ones, but i though i should share them with you guys. Theres also some awsomes shots of Urban Outfitters but i cant find them, i had them some where, ill look for them later I think marloes is way much better than this, but i still love her
  5. Her and anna are my fav models. And i see that marloes has alot of pictures you guys dont. So ill start adding : Velvet Cover. I dislike this one, but oh well. Missoni KT Auleta
  6. Thanks for being Anna J.'s fan :) do you like any other models?

  7. Yey ! im so happy for Anna Bakcstage,Oscar de la Renta
  8. Aww i just love this picture, sorry if repost
  9. Oh, i found this pick and i think it wasent posted yet So sorry if repost ..
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