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  1. I don't think height is so important as long as you have beauty, personality and charm. I'm a bit taller than she is (and I don't consider myself as a dawrf !) and I would give anything just to have a little bit of her look.

    Come on, girls, how can you say she's just an average girl?  She's got a unique body, one of the few models who isn't skinny or looks like a pretty boy in a dress; and about her face, it's unique and amazing too. How many models look wonderful without any makeup or surgeries, or without their teeth being fixed? You are right, she's got incredible lips, but her eyebrows, her nose, her eyes, her cheeks..... oh my.... 

    And how many models can look like a goddess, an angel and a devil, all at the same time ? believe me, the variety of pics of Laetitia you can find, is much wide than the ones of many other models.

    lucy pinder i dont know you know her or not but she is 20 times more beautiful in anything laetitia have even better.

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