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  1. Hello Nika !!

    Such a long time since we last talked ! I miss you a lot !!!!!

    Luv ya ! :*

  2. Paige, beautiful Paige ! You like Charlie Brown.... girl, you're perfect !!! :D

  3. I just want to say thanks everybody for your sweet messages, and especially thank to Party.in.Paris and midnight lady, two girls who have always supported me :hug: I love you, girls!

  4. Thank you :hug:

    If things go well, in a month :)

  5. I'm fine, Oleg, and very busy preparing a trip to Paris and Amsterdam. And how are you? I hope this 2007 is treating you great :hug:

  6. I luv you're set !

    Charlie Brown.... ain't Peanuts the best thing ever? :D

  7. Thanks for starting a thread for The Smiths, Bou :kiss:

  8. Rate..... well, there aren't enough golden stars for you ;) but since five is the highest, then five stars for Matthi !!

  9. Ackie ! Ackie ! Ackie ! I can't believe BZ has changed sooo much ! :p

  10. Hello Brit !

    Luv ya!! ;)

  11. I'm happy to be back with my friends :hug:

  12. Hello, beautiful ! ;) I hope you're doing great and this new year is behaving !

  13. I'm so happy to see you , too !

    And yes, back for good !

  14. Sarah, you are wonderful !

    I LOVE you !!

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