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  1. Haha, he was a little out of it in that picture. When I showed him the picture later he barked and panted as if to tell me "wtf bro, you could've at least used a better picture." Did you post one also? If so I'd be more than happy to vote for you =D
  2. Check it out guys, my dog is officially famous! I just found out that my picture got enough votes on the Toshiba's Facebook app to go up on the billboard in Times Square. I’m gonna try to get my picture up for next week, so if you see a bald man with a sweater vest on the vote now tab, vote for me!! Happy Holidays everybody Btw, if you link to your photo I’ll vote for you also =D
  3. Know of any good ones?? Post them here! I found some really good ones here: Celebrity Look-Alikes - MSG.com My fave by far has to be http://www.msg.com/tv/shows/giants/2.1672/...atchmen-1.48298
  4. HaChaCha


    Notice any other lookalikes for me to submit.. http://www.msg.com/community/submit-your-u...mentsForm-14569
  5. HaChaCha


    Yeah Matt! That's what my friend Brian says ALLL the time. Ive never been to Toronto... Also, they changed that site I linked to so that you can put pics of yourself up too if you look like a celeb... Too bad I don't, lol.
  6. HaChaCha


    Ever notice how much Chris Bosh and Snoop Doggg look alike???????? Seriously, they even dress the same sometimes. I'm going to send this photo set to MSG for their celebrity/athlete look alike gallery. http://www.msg.com/community/submit-your-u...-alikes-1.47253 What do you think? Also, totally agree, GO KNICKS!
  7. What do you guys think about this? http://www.accesshollywood.com/americas-ne...t_article_24854 I don't think it was a big deal. And the photos came out beautiful. I know she did something like this a few seasons back, but it had the women with different children of different races. I just think they are thinking outside the box to create art. I don't think any harm was meant.
  8. No.. I've never even heard of this movie. Is there a video clip or something on the web?
  9. Well where haave they gone?? My friend and I were talking about this the other day and realized that the only one that made it really big was Kelly Clarkson... So where have all the others gone?? Does anyone know what they are up to?
  10. Those are great pics of her!
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