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  1. Haha heeeeeeey. Been ages. I've just been getting back on. How have you been???

  2. What up yo :)

    How's life? I'm just chillin. Browsin around BZ you know lol

  3. My dad is Armenian. His parents were and he was born in Lebanon as was my mum she is lebanese. They moved here and had my brothers, sister and myself here. So its my heritage. I'm half/half but born here :).

  4. Yeah I get called Kev. Sometimes Ork lol. I was born here. My parents are from Lebanon and moved here when they were like 15. So 'm an aussie lol

  5. LMAO no it actually does it makes me like it a little more. Haha i'm Armenian and we have werid names like mine. I dont hate you hehe your funny ;)

  6. Yeah that is my real name :) How about you?

  7. Hey there. Thought i'd say hello. We see each other all the time in the VS thread and havent really met lol via bz obviously. I'm Kev. And yeah i'm a bit VS nuts but don't mind me lol :)

  8. Oh yeah definitely lol. Weights haha. That is so hilarious. Poor Isabeli.

  9. Haha no no stay strong and positive Baron :)

  10. Haha you are awesome Baron. I don't know. I just try and see things good first before I see them as bad lol. So if it turns out crap ah well lol.

  11. Haha no way. Your posts are always awesome. And you never cross any lines. You post what you like and they are never offensive. :)

  12. Thanks for the Bday Wish :)

  13. Thanks for the Bday Wish Joe. Your awesome. Hope your well

  14. Baron you are awesome. Thanks :)

  15. Haha yes. I dont know what it is but i really hate the heat. It is not a friend of mine. Winter is my favourite season.

  16. Haha awesome. I would bloody love that :D

  17. Hey Joe. Happy Bday. I read over on VS HOLICS. Hope you had a good one...

  18. Hey. Thanks for approving.Hope to get to know ya more... :D

  19. Hey dude. Sure np. Good to get to know my fellow mod's :D

  20. Haha yeah true Australia is a big Island but we dont have a very huge population. Except in Sydney where i live. :D

  21. Oh yeah its definately an awesome place to come. For me i feel like USA and UK are too stuck up. But Canada, Austtalia and New Zealand are just perfect places with great people :D. Nothing against US or UK of course lol. I feel like Cananda and Aus are very similar.

  22. Haha yeah always wanted to visit there. It is too damn hot in Australia. I wanna live in the cold. And Canada is the place for that :)

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