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  1. Has anyone checked out LaToya London's CD? It's been out for a couple months, but my friend just had me listen to it. She got a free copy from her work at universal. I really think LaToya has a great voice. The R&B ballads were the best of the CD, songs like Waiting For You and Every Part Me are my favorites. I think with more development she could take the path of a Whitney or Toni Braxton. She's pretty too. I've checking out her pics on her webpage and she has a lot of style, with really nice skin, and cute petite body.
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    did anyone see Domino yet? I still haven't gotten a chance to see it, but I was wondering if anyone wants to share their opinions. Should I wait to rent it etc...
  3. I totally never paid attention to this guy until I was at a cafe and they were playing his video. I think he is just amazing!
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