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  1. Soulino

    Cameron Diaz

    Elle UK full set /monthly_11_2012/post-21940-0-1445989626-2299_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2373711" alt="post-21940-0-1445989626-2299_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="133.33">
  2. The whole set from Vogue Turkey
  3. Soulino

    Sharon Stone

    Elle Russia, January 2012
  4. Soulino

    Kate Winslet

    Other shots from Glamour
  5. It's the funniest thing I've ever heard Fer will never do it
  6. Fernando Torres Photoshoot for Crochon & Piaget And the video of this photoshoot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-LsT3-RTug...player_embedded For all credit to Tania at TCC.
  7. Thank you girls for the news and gorgeous pics Congratulations Nando and Oly! Incredible couple! More pics from Foro Marca.
  8. This baby is not Nando's Probably he's Reina's or Riera's
  9. Liverpool - Tottenham 3:1 Congrats boys! It was great season! Though we are the 2nd... And Nando scored his 50th goal for Liverpool Pics credit to lfc.tv and TCC.
  10. Fer's boots with his autograph which are auctioned
  11. Liverpool - West Ham, 3-0!
  12. Thank you very much girls for all the pics! More pics from Emidio Tucci photoshoot. Credit to Tania from TCC. This man is absolutely gorgeous!!!
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