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  1. montillac

    General Discussion

    I found it anyway rsrsrs it´s Hair - "Let the Sun Shine In".
  2. montillac

    General Discussion

    A question: does anybody know the name of the music (and the band) in the second segment (when the angels are flying, then the models come in)?
  3. montillac


    Wow!! Thanks!! I was looking for it!
  4. montillac


    She made some nudities... Warning: nude images http://veja.abril.com.br/noticia/entretenimento/estreia-de-verdades-secretas-tem-barraco-sexo-e-nudez/
  5. montillac

    Norah Jones

    Video link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2774277/Norah-Jones-takes-cherubic-baby-boy-rare-outing-partner-jet-LAX.html#v-3812988131001 She is soooo adorable and beautifull !!!
  6. montillac

    Norah Jones

    I was seeking some images of her and stumble upon this: She had a baby in february!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2774277/Norah-Jones-takes-cherubic-baby-boy-rare-outing-partner-jet-LAX.html I was caught by surprise. She kept the name of the guy in secret.
  7. montillac

    Ana Luiza Castro

    wow!! thanks!!! Very good scans.
  8. montillac

    Ana Luiza Castro

    She is amazing!!
  9. montillac

    Ana Luiza Castro

    Thanks UmFã!! I wish there were more hi-res picture of her around.... it´s hard to find!
  10. montillac

    The Female Athlete topic

    Hi!! I´ve searched, and I didn´t find any topic about this subject. I know there is The Female Athlete Directory, but I´d like to see a general topic of the subject, where people could put their favorites girls. How about some girls on the 2012 olympics, for start?
  11. montillac

    Picture Requests

    I´m looking for a high quality version of this picture...!! thanks!!
  12. montillac

    Norah Jones

    Love her too!!!! More pictures, please!
  13. montillac

    Ana Luiza Castro

    More pictures, please she is wonderful!!
  14. montillac

    Novela actressess

    Luz Cipriota? Does anybody have pictures?
  15. montillac

    Favorite Brasilians

    Looking for brazilian models, can someone put a list of - let´s say - top 25 brazilian models of all time (most famous, or most important) (only models)! thanks!!