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  1. Good God she is #uckign gorgeous! Anyway, Kate Moss, Angela Lindvall (i think), Natalia Vodianova, Heidi Klum, they all have kids. She could easily get back in, it's just a matter of what niche she fits into.
  2. MEGS! *crawls back in hole...*
  3. From what I can see, me.net is coming along nice! The temp page looks good!
  4. I don't think I've ever recovered from the end of Chilax entirely. I spend more time at TFs these days. Adn I don't post here unless I feel it's truly necessary. But I'm around, pacing and smoking cigarettes, eagerly awaiting new Megen Ewing pics.
  5. Why not ask her? It's sad to see the thread get kicked around, but hopefully we'll see some work soon.
  6. I think it's the camera angle. I refuse to believe she could look this disturbing.
  7. So are we now shamelessly bumping?
  8. I'm always up for more Megs!
  9. Makes sense to me. Every new post was about someone unrelated to her, until she came out into the light again. She has her own site too. Face it, there's just not enough material out there. That may change, it may not. Let's hope it does!
  10. Bah! I say. Megan will be back. Sub-forum or not.
  11. I'm waiting for new Megan work myself. I'm sure we're all constantly checking. All hell will break loose when new photos are out.
  12. That was like the JFK trial up there...
  13. 1. I need to graduate (I think it's 83 days until I get my BS!) 2. I need to paint more 3. I need to post here more
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