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  1. always wellcome NEMESIDE (nice name ) and thanks for your opinion her
  2. ok so i couldnt get her all new polaroids i got just few pics......... and something funny ;DDD
  3. she is quite crazy party girl i like her new hair cut ... i will try to get her new polaroids in next week
  4. oh i wish ..... nothing exactly........
  5. but isnt she 21 year???? and yes she had black hair since last summer i think ........... (well that was the first time i saw her)
  6. oh Laura laura ..... she is soooooooooooo beautifull .... i have some simple pics..... i saw her in paris last summer ( in some party's ) she is realy nice and cool i love her pics from frensh VOGUE i will try to find them on web and put her
  7. ELENA SHAMOVA From Russia height- 175/176 bust - 84 waist - 60 hips - 88/89 shoes - 38/39 hair - light brown eyes - blue
  8. yes i hope so too well in next 2 monghts we will
  9. more pics that i got from her
  10. heyyyyyyy i found her on other web there is a lot of her pics ...i talked with her... so like she said she should go in milan next monght.... in BANDITS .....(dont know this agency ) and other problem is that like in september she couldnt go in paris because of school..... so and next year she will not trawell ....just in sumer.... but after school she will be able to trawell all time ....
  11. oh and i found her simple pics.....i dont know how we can call pics like this (well its not poloroids ) well i like this pictures
  12. i have heard that her mother agency (dmax) has some pro blems with others agencys....and just or good working girl.. there is more good girls about 6 or 7...but its strange ....if agency is realy bad (like it is ) why they are still in ???
  13. i have talked with other girl from her agency...and yes she told me that she is in from last spring ...and i think its realy strange that she havent done anythink good in year......but i still believe in her ....i think she needs new pics something diferent ...... more strong..... she is going to milan this summer (i dont know the name of agency) but i hope its gonna be her time and she gonna show something more
  14. noooo and i have no idea ...but i will try to get it ..... why?
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