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  1. always wellcome NEMESIDE (nice name ) and thanks for your opinion her
  2. ok so i couldnt get her all new polaroids i got just few pics......... and something funny ;DDD
  3. she is quite crazy party girl i like her new hair cut ... i will try to get her new polaroids in next week
  4. oh i wish ..... nothing exactly........
  5. but isnt she 21 year???? and yes she had black hair since last summer i think ........... (well that was the first time i saw her)
  6. oh Laura laura ..... she is soooooooooooo beautifull .... i have some simple pics..... i saw her in paris last summer ( in some party's ) she is realy nice and cool i love her pics from frensh VOGUE i will try to find them on web and put her
  7. ELENA SHAMOVA From Russia height- 175/176 bust - 84 waist - 60 hips - 88/89 shoes - 38/39 hair - light brown eyes - blue
  8. yes i hope so too well in next 2 monghts we will
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