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  1. 141 pages! Few, just finished going through them all, 1 hour and 10 minutes. I understand the fuss over her now.
  2. What, not David and Victoria Beckham?
  3. Hummmmmm, i think she could do better, however i don't know what he is like so...........
  4. Does Miss Lima still see that European prince? Not sure if he was Swiss, Dutch etc
  5. What would Victoria say??????????
  6. Thats just wrong. Reason? I had an erection looking at Lima in stockings then i scrolled up, saw the queen and it still stood strong
  7. Diva complex Define "professional black men", from what I've read, a fireman, police officer or blue collar worker wouldn't qualify. Black women in general wouldn't hesitate to be fowl mouthed to black man, whether at home or in public. You can say it started from the 1970's hence why those blaxploitation films always showed loud mouth women, and in reality women saw this and continue emulate. As for the weight, hair thing.......COME ON look where you are. I forum that has thousands of people that praise and idolize beauty. Not many are black women. Alot of white women aspire to look like these models. Yet a lot of black women look a mess. Lets be real here..... MEN CARE ABOUT LOOKS! It's not because know one cares, otherwise why are all the Tyra, Oprah show quick to point out the falls of men. Either they think black women are innocent victims OR more money can be made from black womens insecurities.
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