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  1. sorry for the late response Edith .. i don't go to BZ or MSN much like before .. spending all my time in BBM, Facebook & Twitter :D ..!! i hope you're doing well xoxo

  2. Heeeeey.. I'm doing fine .. in the middle of my final exams .. wish me luck .. btw I guess you have to change your nickname from ILUVAdrianaLima .. to ILUVLaceySwiftLima :D hahaha !!

  3. Ooh good luck with that <3 .. wish you the best ;*

  4. I have miss u too .. everything is fine .. i'm starting finals on sunday just wish me luck ;* .. how about you ?? more jobs ? ;p

  5. Heeeey Girl :hug:

  6. Big thaaaaaaanks Davidish :D ... hmmmm I wish Vegas :P

  7. Michael.








    Thnx :D

  8. Thnx alot Cop :D

  9. Wow Thank Yo Edith my dear *hug* .. you never miss a birthday of me :D .. thnx for that .. my wish is to have a wonderful year :D LOL !!

  10. yeah .. Middle East exactly ;)

  11. Kuwait :D If you have heard of it :P

  12. Wow really ?!! I didn't met many people from Spain, maybe you're the forth or fifth person :D .. that's cool you like Real Madrid .. I love them ;)

  13. Same here I enjoyed playing with you :D .. and yes it's for Raul :$ I love him :D

  14. Heeeey dear, wish you the best in 2011 .. wish you a happy new year ;)

  15. Hahahaha that's super right :D

    and great ;) .. miss u Girl ;**

  16. Merry Christmas :D

  17. Happy holidays and merry christmas my twin supreme ;)

  18. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays <3 ;)

  19. Merry Christmas Davidish ;** .. Happy holidays and wish you a happy year :D

  20. i've been good .. glad you liked my sig ;) ..

  21. well lots of things is happening, i just need to be away from here for a while :(

  22. hey i'm back and posted some in Fazza's thread ;)

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