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  1. Wow, I wouldn't have recognized him in that Paul & Joe ad if it were not for the lips... (I'm guessing he's the one on the left?) Is it really him? Lol. Can't get over how different he looks... That first pic is adorable btw! Thanks for posting them!
  2. Taylor!!!!!!!!!! Yep, Taylor!! :wub2: I'm lacking inspiration though... Ooops, we're totally spamming Clement's thread!! Long Live Clement!!
  3. ^^ Will do!! Evandro and Matt Benstead LOEWEN I think. Hot. And here's another good one!!
  4. Hey guys! Do you reckon that's him? Found these on gap.com:
  5. Here's a slightly different version of this poster (more reddish than bluish!! ) I took today at an H&M store...couldn't resist!!
  6. Wow, ANOTHER interview?!? Hope we get to see it SOOOOON!! And Eddie+ Mathias = heart-stroke *faints* You rule Munichmarty!!
  7. Thanks!! I am thinking of changing my set (although I'm quite fond of the Danny Beauchamp one--I guess I'll keep it as my "default set"). The next one though will be not Clement but Taylor Fuchs!
  8. Mmmm...he looks so macho there!! ^^^ Thanks for the photos! Here's a little something I made, lol!! I wish I had kept it bigger... I resized it because I wanted to use it as an avatar...
  9. Marcus on the cover of the latest Macy's catalog. Scanned by me.
  10. Gosh, Cooper, where do you GET them?!? Hot, hot, hot. And not just the legs!! Hehe...! :brows: Thanks!!
  11. I also love his voice! Hahaha, I love how Reid was all up on his crotch! And was Andre Ziehe there!? Amazing, thanks for the link Azure!
  12. Mathias + hat = gorgeous and Mathias + leather = hotness and Danke for the pix!!
  13. Hugo campaign HQs from designscene.net:
  14. All of these were from FordModelsEurope... Adrian's got nice cheekbones!!
  15. Here's some basic info from Ford: ADRIAN BOSCH Height: 6' 1
  16. Here's for you, thats haute!! More to come!!
  17. Man, there's no way I'm gonna get this stuff--Germanic languages and Falconer don't go well at all.... Am I ever glad he speaks English!! Otherwise...it would have to be sign language between us should we ever meet!! Thanks for the info Munichmarty and Faith!!! Seems like I'm going to be buying my first ever fashion magazine...!!
  18. You're welcome! He's cute! Great job with the photos and the vid!! (Y) And welcome to Bellazon!! THANKS!! I like it too!! First animation I ever made!! Love Danny! By the way, it seems like one of your attachments isn't showing up... see where it says [atachment=580442:v13.jpg] ?
  19. Here's a couple of old backstage ones that haven't been posted yet: vmag Sorry for dumping old stuff amongst the newer ones...
  20. Random photos... similar ones were posted before but not these...:
  21. Why so sad, Faget? Those pix are gorgeous, thank you!
  22. That's him, right? Third from the left? Lol, I'm worst than those tabloids...
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