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  1. haha, right on. The problem with girls is that all they have to say about other girls is nice things (with regards to what they wear or how they look). Whilst this is nice, it's also a little ill-advised. When a girl is wearing something or has adopted a style that clearly doesn't suit her, rather than being honest her friends just bombard her with complements in an attempt to sustain or boost confidence. In my view, it's best to be, and always has been a practice of mine to be honest rather than being rude, and I think you can be honest without being rude and objectionable.
  2. If I misunderstood, it was entirely your fault. First off, you started by saying: Two contradicting statements right there. You continue... Here, you indicate, or you did a fantastic (no sarcasm) job of indicating that the issue for you was that you wanted to lose weight by reducing your waistline but you were also losing your ass and breasts. Before you mention this, you highlight the very reason you're going the wrong way about reducing your waistline. It reads entirely like you were not eating to lose weight. I know you mentioned you were not hungry, but its not healthy to have nothing all day except a measly portion of lunch and apple juice, simply because you're not hungry.
  3. haha, a year ago to the day or even week ect I would have been willing to take you up on this debate... and won! :evil: Haha, the fact of the matter is that I haven't checked or followed anything that's out on the component market since Jan 2008. I used to check Tom's Hardware, Hard OCP and AnandTech on a daily basis, then I just lost interest, or at least that obsessive interest. I just have no idea what's out there now. It's also hard to keep up XD Though, I'm no Intel fanboy.
  4. Haha, I would agree that it probably happens more in the girls. With guys it's probably more for show ect ect. With girls, well, every girl likes to think she's the prettiest. At least, a girl with confidence does. Especially with what they wear ect. What guys love is not having to constantly argue with girls and tell them they're not fat when they're clearly not. What's nice is to see girls, particularly ones you know, tucking into a nice, good sized meal without any talk about getting fat ect.
  5. I understand the message you're trying to get across here; confidence. However, the way it reads is sort of like saying the only thing that matters in fashion is inner beauty. If you want to lose weight you're ultimately going to be burning fat before you're growing serious muscle. Monitoring weight is sort of key to recognizing how far you've come and is an effective way of setting targets and realizing success, or lack there of. So I don't think it should really be dubbed as a "stupid scale".
  6. Damn, thanks so much natia_a7x. Andi is ridiculously sexy in those photos. Her face is gorgeous. I'm going to make some wallpapers with those and other pictures
  7. uh, *insert much sighness here* they were just my opinions. they went clichés or anything like it.
  8. That's because the ladies who went to see the band were undoubtedly obsessed with their music. They were fans. Fans will go crazy over the people they look up to. Using bands and people who live that culture of rock and metal is a weak example. He looks great because it personifies the American rocker look, which he would naturally being part of a rock band. Erm, Johan Hegg? Really though, the beard and facial hair in general is sort of a package deal with the rock/metal scene. The point I was getting at, and admittedly the way I explained it was was a very crude and poor, was that people who seem to grow them these days e.g. young people, and I singled out middle eastern men and also latino males because those are the people I typically see with facial hair. When I said don't grow them properly, and you help to make my point here by selecting rockers and other people who emerged from the 80's and 90's, was that the modern day look of the authentic and rad manly look of aviator shades, leather jackets, long hair and a moustache or whatever is just a smooth-skinned, most likely pubescent male who looks like he's never found a razor. It doesn't look manly, it just looks odd - particularly due to the lack of image (clothes ect) to support it. Obviously that's their personal style, but to me it looks scruffy and odd. With regards to the middle eastern males, they usually always have scruffy facial hair. It's almost like they don't shave. A lot of them even have unibrows.
  9. I think if you're white and have dark or black hair and have a moustache like I rarely see on some people, it looks utterly disgusting and ridiculous. Especially if the rest of your face is shaven. I'm not really a big fan of facial hair though. Particularly the moustache. When latino and fuckin middle eastern guys have it... god that looks foul cause they don't even grow it properly.
  10. Anyone have any pieces from De Beers, Moussaieff, Bulgari or Cartier? How about Van Cleef?
  11. well that still doesnt explain why. they got the long legs. i always thought heels were to boost height and to make less longer legs look longer... actually thinking about it its sort of baffling what they're for. girls always complain how uncomfortable they are anyway.
  12. ive never understood why tall girls wear heels
  13. haha, alright... I accepted ya. I see you listen to some of the stuff I like too. Nice nice!

  14. Did anyone else think she looked TOTALLY hot in the Versace’s 2008 Fall Ad Campaign? Man in that campaign she was smokin' so sexy. Also, does anyone have a high res of this image: http://www.webwombat.com.au/lifestyle/fash...es/fontana6.jpg
  15. The most workout I ever get these days is lifting luggage into an overhead locker of a plane. : o
  16. This is the most stupid and unhealthy way to go about losing weight. You need to combine healthy eating (which also means eating healthy portions, not measily, insufficiant portions) and excercise. Drinking apple juice all day? Can't be too good for the teeth, haha. Try water. If you want to lose the belly then work on that particular part of the body through tailored excercises. Don't be too optimistic about time scale. Most people assume they'll see results in weeks - you won't. If it has something to do with your frame/build, then you'll always be like that, so attempting unhealthy methods to lose this is futile.
  17. Oh sweet, she's in the Aubin & Wills spring handbook. Did anyone see? Looks pretty sexy.
  18. What's interesting is that when I saw Leighton Meester in every other occurrence than Gossip Girl, I thought she was amazingly hot and sexy. Particularly in Entourage, CSI: Miami and 24. Though less so in Entourage. Ever since I saw her in Gossip Girl, I've always thought she was average. I think it has a lot to do with the clothes ect. I don't think they agree with her in the same way. I think it's probably because a lot of the time they're more conservative and tasteful rather than sexy mini skirts ect. I'd definitely say Kate French is far sexier than Leighton.
  19. haha, the teacher is like the Taylor Townsend (Autumn Reeser) of The O.C - always looks really cute cause of her dress sense, and she's quite small and petite. However, can also look incredibly hot and sexy with the right clothes.
  20. Oh golly, she looks about 12. I couldn't have that as my wallpaper. lol
  21. That's the old Shell logo, also... is that E Longoria?
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