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  1. BERGDORF GOODMAN book supplement ANABELA BELIKOVA 2008 ebay
  2. Vogue China August 2008 "Cutting the Edge" Model: Olga Sherer Photographer: Will Davidson Styling: Alastair Mckimm Scanned by Aja Mok
  3. I love that dress she was wearing at the party.
  4. Ahahah, ena ura ni nč! :O Poor you!:( Jst bi tut mogla it mau tsran, k sm skos gor. Sej grem brat eno knjigo. Pa mogoče če se mi bo dal (beri : ne bo se mi dal) delat pilates :D. Talk to you soon, papa! ^^ :*

  5. Aaa, kako to nardim, rofl? Jst bom napisala: Can i take it? Pa bom kr uzela, rofl. Pa v podpis spodi njen/njegov nick, a ne?

  6. Rabm nov avatar. Anabela mi je tut dost kul ratala : SHIFTY : . Sam bom useen kr Poly mela. Poly forevr!!! :D

  7. Aaaa, thanks! :|

  8. Že pišm comment, rofl.

  9. Aja? Sploh nism vedla, da je to v Ljubljan :D. Ma ja, mami me je zbudla, haha. Do you have a fetish for skinny girls too?


  10. Ahaa, lih dons ponoč nism mogla spat pa sm tle mau brala:D. Zaspala sm šele ob polsedmih. Kaj pa ti? :D

  11. {name}

    Eating Disorder

    So we are in the same situation...
  12. Waiting for the season finale. Hope they'll start filming new season soon.
  13. {name}

    Eating Disorder

    I have some problems with eating, but I don't have anorexia or bulimia. I have periods of binging ( 2500 -3000 cal or sth like that, I don't count) and periods of starving (200 cal or less). I used to use laxatives, but I don't do that anymore. I'm so sick of this never ending cicle. I loose 15 pounds (in my starving period) and then I put on 15 pounds (binging period). If I could just eat normally. But I can't.
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