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  1. JASMIN MAKINEN http://i.theones2watch.com/models/gal/w/ja...n/images/08.jpg Information full name:Jasmin Mäkinen hair:Blonde eyes:Blue/Grey height:181cm / 5
  2. i just saw her on o2w; she's breathtaking.
  3. ah, i meant the right of the picture -- fabiana. thank you (:
  4. http://shop.imaxtree.com/images/500101G/El...%20S7%20017.jpg who is the woman on the right? Please textlink instead of hotlinking images. Thanks! ~post edited by PinkCouture
  5. who is this? im sorry its only small, but i found this avatar on a site and the girl's face is familiar, but i can't place my finger on who it is.
  6. polaroids!! there are more, ill post them later tho. from o2w:
  7. wow she is stunning!! she reminds me a little of nicole linkletter (antm winner cycle 5)
  8. another from the same photoshoot.. nudity warning. (she's wearing a sheer top.) click for fullsize
  9. wow! she's stunning! very very unique
  10. this is new to me? but sorry if its a repost. kemp & doutzen by ellen von unwerth, of course, haha.
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